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Renters Insurance (It Can Lower the Cost of Home Owners Insurance)

When you are new to the adult world and every penny counts, paying to insure the contents of your apartment may seem like something that can be overlooked or skipped.

But. There are some really good reasons why you should obtain and maintain Renter's Insurance.

Reason Number 1: Because your "stuff" has value.

Even if you don't think it has value, losing everything and having to replace it out-of-pocket would be more devastating than the very small sum that you will pay monthly to ensure that the Renter's Insurance will pay in case of loss. Things happen, pipes burst, buildings catch on fire, mean people break in and take your things. It may not ever happen, but trust me, from experience, when it does, you will be so glad that you were protected. As a younger person my house was broken into. I never thought of most of my "things" as all that valuable, but my insurance agent did, they asked all the right questions and provided me with a policy that actually covered the things that mattered.

When we were burgled the last thing we wanted to do was to have to relive the nightmare over and over. Because we had itemized our belongings for the insurance company previously, the process of working with insurance agency was so much easier. We were able to provide a list of the things taken and they matched with what we had insured. We were able to replace the things we needed for day to day living and start the recovery process that much quicker.

Reason Number 2: Because relationships matter!

The longer you maintain a relationship with your insurance company, the better it will be for your insurance rates. Trust me, this is important.

Reason Number 3: Bundle, Bundle, Bundle

While it is not a guarantee, there are some insurance companies that will allow for the bundling of your Renter's Insurance and Car Insurance. What does this mean for you the consumer? It means that you will pay less per month for both of those protections together than you would paying for the same protections al a carte. Essentially they are giving you a discount off of the total of all policies together to say thank you for bringing all of your protection needs under one roof. Even if they do not bundle renter's and auto, almost all insurance companies do bundle home and auto, so again, back to number 2, the longevity of your relationship will still help to lower your costs over time.

I hope that you found this informative. If you feel that this information may help you or a client, please reach out. It is my mission to help others.

Jeremiah L. McGuire


Memphis, TN


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